Monday, August 25, 2008

Yesterday we were going to Worlds of fun but mom got sick so we went to movie gallery and got four movies and watched two of them Sunday night. Today, school was boring......until third hour, since I'm cadet teacher with Mrs Williams. Mom has been hounding me about getting a job and today Mrs. Williams told me that she has been looking for somebody to clean her house after school when her sons have a base ball game and everybody is gone. I told her that i was serious about cleaning her house and she said that she would let me know when i could and i told her that i was going to ask my mom about it.Then after i got home i asked my mom about cleaning Mrs.Williams house next month.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I started my junior year of high school and finally chose to be in a club. Im
in Bird cage and the A+ program. Bird cage is where u go to all the sports and sit with all the bird cage members and you cheer and you have to participate
in all events. You have to cheer for our team and stuff.also when we have games out of town we can pay $3to go on the bus with the team and the members of bird cage.In the A+ program u cant have bad grades or do drugs and u have to have 95 average to be eligible for the program and i qualified for friends christy and nicloe sighned up for Bird cage too.The perpose of teh A+program is to pay for your two years of college.